Which one is better, fabric 100% cotton or 95% cotton with 5% spandex?

Which one is better, fabric 100% cotton or 95% cotton with 5% spandex?

Cotton fabrics blended with synthetics have been on a growing trajectory for years. The durability of the synthetic products and the comfort of the cotton fabrics make a great combination. So, it’s not a big surprise to see cotton fabrics blended with spandex becoming the preferred choice of customers.

Spandex which is known for its elasticity, is a synthetic fabric. This material is blended with cotton to make cotton spandex fabrics that have a high stretchability. This blend is manufactured around 95% cotton and 5% spandex. 

Soft, easy to wear, comfortable, and stretchable, and the reasons why spandex blended fabrics are so popular. Read below to know the benefits of this material and why you should Buy Spandex fabric online:

Characteristics of cotton spandex fabric clothes

  • This body-hugging clothing can offer you a higher level of comfort with the cotton-spandex fabric blend, which has the best shape-retention properties.
  • Clothes made of cotton and spandex can be draped well and provide crease recovery.
  • This fabric clothing has a greater sense of splendor, and cotton-spandex blend clothing is simple to clean up the stains.
  • The nature of cotton spandex clothes will make you feel nice and comfortable when wearing them.
  • Polyurethane is a synthetic polymer that is essential for giving spandex fiber its notable elasticity and protective properties.

Benefits of wearing cotton spandex fabric clothes

  1. Breathability

No matter what garment you make with it, the Best Cotton Fabric is ultimately famous for its breathability. Breathability is important when working out or doing some activity that makes you sweaty. The cotton spandex’s moisture-wicking nature allows it to pull the moisture out of the skin and absorb the extra moisture.

  1. Durability

The hybrid nature of the cotton spandex makes it the most durable alternative. The mix of cotton and spandex ensures that the material can withstand both the heavy wash and workout. 

  1. Comfort

A main attraction to cotton spandex over various other materials is its comfort. Cotton spandex has a good physical texture than other materials that people mostly rely on. 

This feature is beyond its main attractions of breathability and flexibility. This makes this fabric suitable for yoga, maternity outfits, and jogging.

How to care for cotton spandex garments?

  • Always try to wash this garment in cold water, and you can use natural detergent or additives while washing. To get a refreshing smell, simple baking soda can also be used. 
  • Adding baking soda can help prevent any rashes and skin irritations when you wear cotton spandex attires.
  • The spandex component of this clothing is sensitive to overexposure to heat, so make sure not to use hot water while washing this cloth. For this same reason, it is suggested not to use hot irons on the cotton-spandex blend garments.

Final thoughts

Did you know cotton spandex suits are specially used in movies for motion capturing? With so many endless possibilities available in the Best Spandex Fabric in Indiayou can easily choose the color and comfort you would prefer.