Which fabrics are best suited for breathable and lightweight sleepwear?

Which fabrics are best suited for breathable and lightweight sleepwear?

You should feel as comfortable as possible when you sleep, and the fabrics you wear play a major role in it. Everyone wants to feel cool and, at the same time little warm so that their bodies can feel comfortable to sleep. 

Most will have been probably told that it is better to wear lightweight and loose, breathable fabrics before moving to bed. So, what to wear during sleep? There are a lot of options for sleepwear, and some important of them are mentioned here:

Cotton fabric

The cotton fabric is breathable, and light is the most important reason many would like to buy the Best Cotton Fabric for their nightwear. If you are sleeping in the night with the wrong fabric, you may wake up in the middle full of sweat in your body. But with cotton, which is a naturally breathable material, you can avoid this.

Cotton fabric can be of great help during the summer season. Sleepwear made up of cotton will be the best option for kids as it ensures easy mobility and stretch. Also, the cotton sleepwear material can be perfect for snoozing and lounging.

Slub fabric

Slub fabric is made using yarn, and they are more raised and thicker than the rest of the fabric. Slub cotton is one of the most common types of yarn that is used for sleepwear today. 

The irregular texture of this material can be used as a way to get comfortability during sleep. Apart from its unique durability and appearance, the slub fabric is also eco-friendly. So, look for Best Slub Fabric in India and choose a wear that can give you a good sleep.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is widely prevalent in the textile industry. It is often mixed with cotton, which is a natural fiber known for its breathability and absorbency. It can be suitable for your nightwear as it does not shrink or stretch. The Best Polyester fabric in India will have good heat-resistant properties that can keep you cool during sleep. 

Viscose fabric

Viscose fabric is made from viscose which is a plant-based material. It's subtle shine and silky texture make it a great choice for sleepwear. Viscose is soft and gentle for the skin, which can give you a comfortable sleep. 

One of the main benefits of buying the Best Viscose Fabric in India is its breathability. To prevent overheating and regulate body temperature, this fabric allows the air to circulate freely. These properties make it a perfect choice for people who live in a warmer climatic region.

Polycotton fabric

Polycotton is a blend of synthetic or natural fibers that offers comfort while sleeping. The fabric is versatile, so apart from your sleepwear, it can also be used for everyday work wear and sportswear. 

The Best Polycotton Fabric in India makes nightwear stronger and long-lasting. This means this material can withstand repeated washing and wear.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for perfect nightwear to get a comfortable and sweat-free sleep, then the above-given fabric types can be very helpful. After choosing the fabric, look for the different styles offered in these fabrics.