Which fabric is best for daily wear?

Which fabric is best for daily wear?

One thing that protects us from extreme heat, sun rays, winters, chills, and rains is our clothes. But what makes us feel comfortable all the time is our daily wear. After reading this, you must have remembered one type of clothes in your wardrobe- cotton clothes. Not just clothes, but from duvets to bedsheets, lingerie to kurtas, people are buying cotton fabric online. What made it so special in India? Let's see why it is fit for daily wear. 

 Cotton- The best daily-use fabric

 From clothes of rural areas, dhoti, and kurta, to statement shirts, cotton is used in making all types of clothes. The main reason cotton is so popular is that it is a natural fabric available in abundance and affordable. Now let's see some benefits of wearing cotton clothes. 

  • It's soft and doesn't harm your skin.

If you are wearing pure cotton clothes, then there is no way cotton fabric can harm your skin. So, try to buy the best quality cotton fabric in India from an authentic supplier. Because when cotton is grown with pesticides and chemicals, it will harm your skin even after the treatment. 

  • Weatherproof

Cotton materials may be easily constructed into clothing resistant to the elements through finishing and construction. For instance, cotton can be manufactured into a tight, dense fabric with a weather-repellent finish to make apparel that is resistant to the elements while still maintaining its comfort and breathability.

  • Comfortable and permeable

Cotton is a comfortable fabric since it is soft and easily stretches. Your underwear and undershirts are also made from it because of its softness and comfort.

  • Durability

Cotton is sturdy, long-lasting, and less prone to rip or tear due to its high tensile strength. It becomes 30% stronger when wet and can endure numerous hot water washes.

 Other than that, they are odor-free, sweat-free, need low maintenance, and are versatile to blend with other fabrics. That's why from ordinary to high-end brands, people are using 100% cotton fabric or cotton terry fabric to stitch clothes. 

 How is cotton used in making clothes?

 For instance, most T-shirts contain cotton in some form, whereas true blue jeans are made entirely of cotton. In addition to bed sheets, comforters, and duvets, cotton terry fabric is used to create bathrobes, bathmats, and towels. There are even a variety of home décor items that can be made from cottons, such as curtains, wall hangings, and other decorative items.

 Cotton is frequently used to manufacture warm-weather clothes because it is extremely breathable and absorbent. Its significant draping properties make it the perfect fabric for dresses, and its softness makes it a terrific choice for formal and business attire. 


 Cotton is used everywhere, from medical to industrial use, daily wear to high-end products. India has a wide variety of traditional textiles that are both lightweight and useful. So if you are buying cotton fabric in India, check the quality and percentage of cotton mixed with other materials, then only accept it.