How Designers Translate Textures into Fashion Concepts

How Designers Translate Textures into Fashion Concepts

If you are new to fashion or you don’t have any idea about fashion and the design process, it would be completely fascinating to know how textures are transformed into fashion concepts. It’s the creative vision of people that will result in a compelling design.

The process that involves artistry, technical skills, and knowledge about the material can look simple, but it is much more than what is viewed from the outside. So, to give you a glimpse of what goes behind the fashion concept when you buy Best Slub Fabric in India, here’s a compilation of what you should know:  

Understanding the textures

What role does texture play in fashion? A vital role, and it adds depth, dimension, and visual interest to the garments. The first work of designers is to start looking for a different type of material, as each material has its unique qualities. 

The designers would have learned this skill through experience. With this clear understanding, the designers will try various textures to finally create a fashion concept that will attract people. So, next time when you plan to Buy Viscose Fabric Onlineyou should remember this process of understanding the texture.

Conceptualization and inspiration

The next step in the process is to get inspiration for translating textures. Like many artists who you know, the designers of fashion concepts will also take inspiration from nature, art, architecture, culture, and more.  

To get inspiration and conceptualization, one must have a special eye to observe what’s happening in the surroundings. Designers can easily identify and visualize these design patterns.


Sketching is the most important part of translating textures into fashion concepts. This is the time for an interplay of inspiration and conceptualization. Sketching now can be easily done with the latest available tools, like your sketching tools on a smartphone, but the tools here will have advanced features. In this stage, the designers will visually apply their fashion concepts. 

Material selection

To consider different textures, a designer should have a good knowledge of the materials. An experienced designer will consider exploring the different visual and tactile qualities. 

After using the trial and error method by experimenting with different fabrics, the designers will get an understanding of the right material to use for this specific design. When you Buy Cotton Fabric Onlineyou should know that before using it in cotton products, the designers might have tried it in some other materials.


No fashion products will enter the market before being experimented with. This is the time for designers to make their design ideas come true. This stage also gives space to fine-tune the designs and ensure that textures align perfectly with the vision.

Finishing touches

The finishing touch is the final stage before the product enters the market. This stage helps to elevate any of the design concepts. Every aspect is considered in detail, and the final layers are added to refine the design.

Final thoughts

Not all can be experts at translating textures into fashion concepts, and it requires a keen eye. Now you know the process of turning textures into fashion concepts, and it will be easy for you to make an informed decision when buying the Best Spandex Fabric in India.